Mailing Instructions
Consular Assistance, Inc.
6351 Burgundy Leaf Lane
Alexandria, VA 22312

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(202) 498 0863


We accept all kinds of mail for delivery although we recommend using FedEx.
When mailing your documents to us please also include a self-addressed pre-paid return envelope or additional $20.00 for overnight FedEx delivery.
You can also use our FedEx account number to send your documents to us. For that please e-mail us your full name, complete address (PO Box is not accepted) and phone number. We will prepare a FedEx airway bill and you will receive it by e-mail from FedEx. All you have to do is print it out, attach it to a FedEx envelope and take it to the nearest FedEx staffed location or FedEx drop-off box. The fee for this service is $22.00. You can combine all the fees and make a single check or money order for all services: visas and delivery.

If you are our Canadian client and need your documents to be mailed back to Canada please include additional US $25.00 for overnight delivery.


Popular destinations:

Russia visa
Kazakhstan visa
Brazil visa
China visa
India visa
Egypt visa
Vietnam visa

Mailing instructions
(FedEx, UPS, DHL etc.)

Payment methods
(invoices and receipts)